Lay Leadership

Covenant Leadership Council

Chairperson:  Bernard McGinnis
Lay Leader:  Anita Farrell
Church Treasurer:  Lee Oxley
Assistant Treasurer: Bernard McGinnis
Vice Chairperson of Lay Leadership: John Traxler
Lay members to Annual Conference:  Melanie Herr
Alternate Lay member to Annual Conference: Fred Herr
President, United Methodist Men:  Fred Herr
President, United Methodist Women:  Kay Lewis
Youth Representatives:  Max McGinnis
Education:  Mike Bowen
Evangelism:  Sue D. Woods
Mission and Outreach Chairperson:  Sharon McAllister
Nurture:  Melanie Herr
Visitation:  Scott Ramsey
Worship and Worship Arts:  Chyrl Budd
Communications:  Kim Matthews
Trustees: Suzanne Oxley
Strategic Planning Committee Chairperson: Kim Matthews
Staff Parish Relations Committee:  Mike Bowen
Stewardship and Finance:  Mark McAllister

Ex-Officio: Terry Deane (Sr. Pastor), Alan Williams (Associate Pastor), Beth McVey (Recording Secretary), Linda Summers (Fiinancial Secretary), Bruce Rous (Music Director)

Information about the Covenant Ministries Council and resources for the Council’s members can be found at this link.


Other Committees

Board of Trustees

Class of 2017:  Dorothy Turner-Lacy, William Kosto, Suzanne Oxley (Chairperson)
Class of 2018:  Dan Kemper, Lou Etta Bowen, Bernard McGinnis
Class of 2019: David Ohl, Alan Simmons, John Liller


Lay Leadership Committee

Class of 2017:  Roy Layman, Rob Kearns, Melanie Herr
Class of 2018:  Cheryl Liller, Pam Gruber, John Traxler (Vice-Chairperson)
Class of 2019: Jared Black, Shelly Shideler
Ex Officio:  Rev. Terry Deane (chair), Anita Farrell (lay leader)


Staff Parish Relations Committee

Class of 2017:  Mary Taylor, Mike Bowen (Chair), Kim Matthews
Class of 2018:  Bill Murdock, Nancy Thompson, Margaret Williams
Class of 2019: Shelby Litton, Roy Layman, Charles Gruber
Ex Officio:  Anita Farrell (Lay Leader), Fred Herr (Lay Member to Annual Conference)


Stewardship and Finance Committee

Mark McCallister, Chairperson
Jean Dean
Steve Matthews
William Kosto
Jean Simmons
David Ohl
Ex Officio: Pastors,  Bernard McGinnis (CMC Chair), Mike Bowen (Staff Parish Relations Chair), Chairperson of Trustees, Anita Farrell (Lay Leader), Lee Oxley (Treasurer), Bernard McGinnis (Assistant Treasurer), Linda Summers (Financial Secretary)


Strategic Planning Committee

Anita Farrell
Frank Hanshaw
Bill Kosto
Kim Matthews, Chairperson
Bernard McGinnis
Lee Oxley
Jeff Taylor
Dorothy Turner-Lacy
Ex-Officio: Pastors


Scholarship Committee

Chuck Gruber
Marv Jones
Roy Layman
Barbara Ramsey
Jean Ramsey
Anita Farrell
Sue Sisson, Chairperson
Ex-Officio: David Ohl


Health and Wellness

Fred Herr, Chairperson
Amy Hanshaw
Chyrl Budd


Preschool Committee

VIcky Neal
Chyrl Budd
Alan Williams


Young Adults

Dorothy Turner-Lacy
Jeff Taylor



Melanie Herr, Chairperson
Dru Moling
Andy Turnbull
Emily Watson
Debra Sparks
Jim Perry
Janice Jones
Kay Lewis



Chyrl Budd, Chairperson
Janice Jones
Terry Deane, Pastor
Becky Sturm, Organist
Jim Daniel
Liz Martin
Alan Williams, Deacon
Anita Farrell
Diane Feaganes
Gale Williams
Bruce Rous, Director of Music
Tobyn Wells, Media Coordinator


Other Officers

Lay Members to District Conference:  Maudie Karrickoff and Mary Dial
Alternate Members to District Conference:  Chyrl Budd and Dorothy Turner-Lacy