Construction Update

Posted on May 15, 2017 |

Construction Update

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Update – April 21:  The basement is closed during construction. The Fellowship Hall is still open, and can be accessed through the side garden.  Read more about this at this link.

Project Summary

The Johnson Memorial Trustees have awarded a renovation construction contract in the amount of $787,050.00 ($66.70 per square foot). This Project is the renovation of existing areas on the Lower and Main Levels of the Church to accommodate ongoing programs, relocate administrative space, improve access for all persons, and update finishes and systems. A new fire alarm system for the entire church will be installed.

The existing programs, including the Church’s preschool program, will continue throughout the period that construction is to occur.  As such, sensitivity to the Church’s schedule and uses will be required as well as potential staging of the renovations so that programs may continue without major disruption.

The existing area to be renovated totals approximately 11,800 square feet.  Lower Level project areas include a new, accessible entry from 10th Street to the Lower Level, men’s and family restrooms, reception and administrative offices, meeting/Sunday School rooms, choir room and ministry support.  The Upper Level project area is a renovation of the existing parlor to modernize and open this area to better connect and support uses of the sanctuary, including renovation of kitchenette. Main Level updates also include upgrades to interior finishes in the Pre-School Classrooms, widening access to the Sanctuary, and updating flooring in the Chapel.

Construction work includes selective demolition, masonry, exterior door, interior partitions, doors, and interior finishes.  The Systems scope of work includes Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing rough-in and new fixtures.  Exterior work is limited to work at the 10th Street entry, security grilles at windows and minor painting.

Preliminary demolition of the Basement Level will commence on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.  Periodic updates will be provided and will include information concerning modifications to building accessibility as needed throughout the construction process.  Your patience and flexibility during the renovation of our facility is greatly appreciated.

Please note

At least one of the handicapped parking spaces in the parking lot will be occupied with a large dumpster during construction. If you see the dumpster in the handicapped lot, consider leaving the spaces next to the occupied space open for those with accessibility issues.


Gratitude is expressed to all of the volunteers who have been helping with this project and to the Boy Scouts, who have worked tirelessly, contributing their time and effort to preparing the space for construction.