Worship Cancelled

Posted By johnsonmumc on Mar 14, 2020 | 0 comments

Dear Johnson Memorial church family and friends,     

After conversation and prayer with our church leadership, we have decided to cancel our worship service for tomorrow, March 15.  Our congregation is diverse, but the majority are in the high-risk group for complications from the corona virus COVID-19.  We believe that the Christ-like and loving thing to do is to keep everyone safe. As you are aware, many other places of worship are making the same difficult decision.      

The food from our Spudfest fundraiser for the Ohl scholarship, scheduled for tomorrow,  will be donated to a local charity in your name.  The Jeffrey Ohl scholarship fund is an important part of our ministry to young people, so we do suggest that you send a donation for that fund to the church office. A letter from last year’s winner, highlighting the positive difference the scholarship made for her, is incorporated into this email. Thanks to Anita and her team for all her work preliminary to the Spudfest meal.    

We will find out on Monday how to continue to help the schoolchildren who benefit from our Pack for the Future food ministry.  Common Grounds will serve meals by “grab and go” bags beginning on Thursday.  Stay tuned for more information about smaller gatherings at the church and any restrictions on building use going forward. Many of the civic and community groups who had scheduled events in the near future have already cancelled them. As always, each of you is in my prayers today.  Our loving God is with us, and we will come through this health crisis held in God’s hands. 

Rev. Terry Deane

Letter from Ohl recipient:

Hey Anita!

I am sorry this is coming so late! This week has been hectic to say the least, but here ya go:

The Jeffrey Ohl Scholarship meant being able to pursue my engineering education without financial burden and made my transition to West Virginia University a much smoother and worriless one. But, more importantly, it meant having the support of Johnson Memorial, a family I’ve had the privilege of being a part of for so long, as I took the plunge into this next chapter of my life. I would not be where I am or who I am without all the support and love over the years from each member of our congregation. You have shown me a type of compassion, devotion, and dedication that I, too, hope to embody in all that I do. Thank you! 😊

Savannah Sakhai