Posted on Sep 13, 2020 |


Johnson Memorial UMC will be following CDC and episcopal guidelines; the church will be closed to all regular meetings and groups. Our staff are available by phone and email, or by appointment.  We love our church family, but at this time it is best for you and the staff that we limit social visits.

There is a Relaunch Team meeting to determine when and how we will begin to gather together again.  Read Pastor Terry’s latest update at this link (scroll down the email).

However, even though we are not meeting in the building, the work of the church continues.  Here are a few of the ways you can serve:

  • Consider joining one of the fall classes being offered – some at the church and others via Zoom.
  • Johnson Memorial is Open for Prayer.  Ron, our custodian, is busy daily disinfecting our doorknobs, elevator buttons, and banisters, to give those who want the opportunity to come pray, at the church, during the daytime hours.  Our staff are on limited hours, so if you do not have a code to the door, call before coming.  If you would like to have a code for entrance, please call the church office.
  • Volunteer to serve as a worship reader.  If you would like to read scripture during our online worship experience, contact Kim Matthews.
  • Continue to support the work of the church through your tithe and offerings.  You can give online at this link or you can mail your check to the church at 513 Tenth Street, Huntington, WV  25701.
  • Worship as you stay safe at home.  Sunday worship premieres at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday on FaceBook and YouTube .  The bulletin is sent out via email.  Subscribe for the emails at this link.
  • Remember, as always, the audio of the sermons is posted on our website weekly on this page.
  • Just as always, you can invite others to join you in worship.  Share worship via Facebook, invite others via email with a link to the worship service.  Spread the good news – we need it!
  • Pray at home.  Every bulletin and Voice has a prayer list in it.  Use this to guide your daily prayer.
  • Spend time in daily devotional work.  The Upper Room is available as a free PDF download at this link.
  • Write a devotional.  You don’t need to have a date from Kim in order to write a devotional.  Just write one.  Send it to her.  Writing and journalling can be a way to deal with the anxiety of the present moment.
  • Contact Melanie Herr is you would like to sew masks for the families of Hospice of Huntington patients.  You can also contact Fred Herr about sewing masks for JM once we begin to reopen.
  • Discover the peacefulness of crocheting or knitting a prayer shawl.  Contact Melanie Herr for more information.
  • Spend a few moments of quiet time listening to Bruce’s Music Meditations.  They are available on our Youtube channel and are listed on this page.
  • Call and check on someone else.  Have a chat.
  • Remember what it feels like to receive an encouragement card in the mail?  Send encouragement to other people through the mail.  Set a weekly goal of the people you will reach.  If you pray about this, God will direct you to people you never thought about.
  • Spend some time outside.  There is hope to be found as the season transitions to fall.